Thursday, April 1, 2010

"My Brother Has Bad Dreams" and he looks at me while I brush my hair in the nude..

This is one weird ass fucking movie, like seriously. Very weird and cheap too, bad? naah, good? well it's no Dark Passage or Let the Right One In that's for sure but it's something to watch with a girl (an excuse to make out really). SPOILERS BEWARE!

Well it's about this guy named "Karl", he's a very troubled man that has terrible dreams about his mother being killed by his father, of course it did really happen and he saw the whole thing too. He lives with sister Anna, she's basically like a mother to him but she seems very tired of him and his crazy behavior, one day Karl meets a man at the beach, they go for a swim (naked o_O) and he lets Karl ride his motorcycle around, they basically become good pals. Karl invites the man over for dinner and his sister doesn't take it too well until she finally opens up to the guy and tells him how she feels and they kiss and yeah I guess they fall in love? So the dude stays at the house and lays with Anna, same time Karl is having another bad dream and this time it involves his new friend, the mailman, his father and his sister. They all wear rubber masks and scare Karl to death then Anna hears Karl screaming and shouting, so Anna and the dude go wake him up but Karl gets a bit violent til the dude knocks him out. Next morning Anna tells the dude to stay for a little longer since she really needs someone to talk to and help as well, he agrees and Karl gets a bit angry about it since he feels the guy will take Anna away from him. From then on we just see Karl act odd and angry towards his sister and the guy, he also murders the mailman in the same way his mother was killed, from there Karl decides to kill his sister and the guy, we find out a little more of Karl's mad mind and his obsessions with Mannequins and that wheelchair his mother was killed in. 

The ending of the movie is the best part because it makes the movie even more weirder than it already is, I found a video with the whole ending and now watch it and tell me if it's fucking weird or not, trust me it is but it's a good kinda weird.

So yeah the movie is very weird, kinda disturbing and goofy I guess. Remember, if you want to see this movie then I suggest you grab your girl and get ready for some action (with the girl of course) and I guess the movie too. 7/10.

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