Monday, April 12, 2010

"Indestructible Man", Lon Chaney Jr's best non-speaking role.

Lon Chaney Jr. plays a criminal by the name of "Butcher" who gets executed at San Quentin, some scientists do experiments on his body and bring him back to life but of course he's deadlier than ever now so he kills the scientists and is out to get revenge on the people that got him in prison. The other main character "Lt. Dick Chasen" (whom looks like John Agar btw) is sort of like Sam Spade from The Maltese Falcon so that makes him pretty badass and he's also the narrator of the movie so in a way the movie turns into a Film-Noir when he narrates about some sort of clue or talking to a criminal. Now the movie has some interesting shots of Lon Chaney Jr. pulling up a car and walking around looking crazy then there's also some nice Burlesque girl shots ;]. Anyways, if you're bored, need to kill time, love Lon Chaney Jr. then this is a movie to watch! 6/10.

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Alex B. said...

Nice clip, that!
I think I saw this movie on TV a couple of years back.
It ends with Chaney Jr. being chased through the sewers and then he walks into the electricity cables or something, right?
I think therew as alsoa bizarre scene or him chasing some lame guy who was on crutches.

Jinx said...

Aw, love me some Lon Chaney Jr action. I too am sure I've seen this years ago. Must try to find it again.

raculfright_13 said...

yeah Alex that's it!

Alex B. said...

I'll have to see this again one day!