Saturday, April 17, 2010

If you want to see a flying zombie head then check out "Zombi 3".

Zombi 3.... Jesus Man, this is like the weirdest shit Lucio Fulci has directed. It's a fun movie and all but it's a very ridiculous as well and for some reason it tries to be serious at times -_- Anyways ummm yeah. Let's get started!

So some sort of terrorist steals a chemcial from a laboratory and runs off with it and is being chased by the army, the idiot gets infected by it so he's all fucked up and shit and decides to hide in a hotel. The Army finds his body and they return it to the laboratory where they cremate it, sounds like a good idea? Well it's not. The ashes of the body spread all over the damn place and everyone seems to be turning into bloody thirsty zombies (including birds!). So some soldiers and gals try to survive from the infected place and battle zombies and the military. The movie has a lot of gore so expect tons of that, infected birds pecking the shit outta people, a flying zombie head and we also learn something from this movie! So let's say one of your pals is being eaten by zombies, want to get him out? Well just tell the zombies to get off him! Of course they won't listen since they are ZOMBIES and they are HUNGRY so come on Zombi 3, stop trying to teach us how to get rid of zombies the easy and dumb way. So in conclusion (yes I'm trying to sound like your typical Intellectual horror blogger) the movie is bizarre and it's not a movie to brag about to your friends so be sure not to expect a lot of good stuff from this movie, of course you might like it a lot if you're a big Italian Horror Buff. 6/10.


Morgan said...

Great snapshots! Good thing I looked again before I sent it. I almost said snapshits. Lol

Alex B. said...

This movie sure has problems...
I did watch it a few times, though. Love the gas station explosion.