Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Cut & Paste 1 and 2" were interesting.

Seeing as Cut & Paste 1 and 2 are pretty much the same movie, I'm gonna review them both in one post.

Cut & Paste 1
This was something I pretty much never seen before, it's a full length movie but most of the scenes are Jason Impey's short films, Alex Bakshaev plays a producer who spends the night in a room watching all of Jason's movies, all of them are horror shorts filled with lots of gore and sexual content. Jason arrives and Alex tells him he'll make a film deal with him and in the mean time they wait for Jason's partner to arrive for the deal. Jason's partner is attacked by a killer Gimp, somehow the Gimp is after the 3 men, so we see him through out the whole movie. The movie was pretty cool, it was interesting to see Jason's early work involving psychopaths, snuff filmmaking and there's a dream scene involving Jason's short film that has a long haired cannibal cutting up a guy and eating his insides, that was probably my favorite part of the whole movie.

Cut & Paste 2
This was a shorter and different version of the first movie, it's the same plot only we see a different part of Jason dealing with his pornstar lover and his wife. Alex gets killed at night by a psychopath and we also see parts of Naked Trip which was cool because I dug that movie. The scene I did not like at all was the hardcore porno scene, we see a woman in leather sodomizing and choking the Gimp from the first movie, it was nasty and just odd haha so yeah I didn't dig that at all. There's also a Nazi short in this which was cool since it was just pure gore, cheap tourture and cheap action, the movie ends pretty funny since we see Jason trying to make up with wife and saying he's "changed" and ends up getting hit in the head by his wife using a Winnie the Pooh statue.

Well the Cut & Paste movies were interesting, if you seen any of Jason Impey's work then you'll get a kick out of this. 6/10. For more Info go to

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