Thursday, April 1, 2010

"The Blood Spattered Bride", well... the title pretty much says it all.

So I finally watched this movie that a lot of horror fans seem to praise for it's lesbian overtones, vampirism and gore, It was interesting movie but a bit slow at times, of course I still enjoyed this movie very much.

A newlywed couple are on their way to a hotel, when they arrive the new bride by the name of Susan notices she's being staired by a mysterious and creepy blonde woman, once she enters the room she imagines being raped by a man coming out of the closet, her husband comes to the room and sees Susan frightened, she tells him she doesn't want to stay there so they leave the hotel to stay at a big ol' mansion where her husband grew up. So they stay there and weird shit happens, Susan sees the blonde woman in the woods and she dreams about this woman in gruesome ways. We learn about why maybe she's having these dreams but something else odd happens, we find out that this woman she sees is an ancestor of her husband's by the name of "Mircalla Karnstein", then he meets a woman in a beach that looks just like his ancestor, she's buried in the sand, looking confused and she's also naked. So he takes her home to get well or whatever and from there the woman (whom is Mircalla) seduces Susan and turns her into a vampire, then the movie sets around the man fighting Mircalla and Susan and then a bloody ending occurs. So there's plenty of sex scenes and gore, lots of talk about vampires and lesbian sex, sorta.. It's a cool movie and a must see for horror fans. 7/10.

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