Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Blood and Roses" = Tragic, Bizzare, Bloody and Erotic.

Blood and Roses is about a woman named "Carmilla", she's very pretty but she's also depressing. She founds out her friend Georgia is going to marry the man that she loves with all her heart named Leopoldo, she immediately gets jealous and very upset about it. One day at a costume party, Carmilla goes to a mountain that carries the tomb of a female vampire named Milaca, she looks like her and what Milaca went through long ago is something similar to what Carmilla is going through now, the tomb opens and Carmilla is bitten by Milaca and is now inside her body. From there we see Carmilla's friends wondering what is going on with her, she's acting different and animals seem to fear her and she also has some sort of attraction to Georgia. 

As the movie goes on we learn more about why Milaca is doing certain things by her narrations, It's an interesting film because it's such a sad story but at the same time very creepy and sort of disturbing, there's also a very strange arthouse styled dream scene involving Georgia and Carmilla that is so cool and really trippy. The ending was actually very predicatable so right in the middle you're gonna already imagine what's gonna happen to Georgia, the copy I watched was only 74 minutes long and that was waaayyy too short, I don't know exactly what is cut but I hate the fact that more than a few minutes of the movie was cut, who knows what those missing minutes of footage have and I'm just itching to find the French copy which is much more longer (87 minutes to be exact). Well if you enjoy these old erotic goth vampire movies then you might get a kick out of this but there's no nudity in this movie so I'm sorry if you thought there's breast shots and lesbian sex scenes. 7/10.

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