Monday, April 5, 2010

"Assault of the Party Nerds", not so nerdy really but it's fun to watch.

Party Nerds? Well there isn't nerds in this movie just dorks really. I guess the title was just a little mock-off of "Revenge of the Nerds", it's an alright movie but it's a little too long and the party doesn't last either haha.There's boobs, beer, gay jocks, weirdos and uhhh a party but again it doesn't last long.. Meh it's an alright movie overall. Here's my telling of the story and opinions of the flick or whatever.

4 "nerds" decide to throw a party that's gonna be big and memorable so that way they'll get people to join their lame fraternity in the later years and so they can look cooler than the Jocks. So they struggle to get the money for the party, blah blah, they get it, they start to prepare and have wacky fun doing other shit and we get to the funniest and weirdest part of the movie.. Two of the Jocks have girlfriends, the girlfriends actually see the Jocks having an orgy which I guess makes them gay, lord I was cracking up so hard at that scene because it was so weird and awkward. So the party starts and there's a bunch of people there and craziness happenin' and that's basically it, the party sort of reminded me of the Revenge of the Nerds party but with boobs and weird(er) looking people. Well all I gotta say is the movie is pretty fun and a boner riser, it's a bit long though and I felt the movie did not deserve to be so long but we can't have everything! Anyways, check it out if your bored and in the mood for a late 80's sex comedy. 6/10.

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