Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You'll never meet another woman like "Stacey".

Stacey from 1973 has to be one of the coolest action chick flicks EVER. She's sexy, busty, badass and well.... badass!

Starring Playmate of 1967 Anne Randall, the movie basically deals with a murder, shots of Stacey's boobs, high speed chases, lots of gun shots, more shots of Stacey's breasts and some sort of hippie cult is involved (Manson inspired obviously). I really wish there was like a Stacey movie series and the titles would be like: "Stacey Goes Hawaiian" or "Stacey Meets Coffy" and shoot even "Stacey Does Rome"!!!!!!! Anyways, if you're into high speed action, lots of violence involving guns and racing cars getting chased by helicopters, lots of breast shots, hardcore sex scenes (not pornographic so calm down!) and cool shots of 70's Southern California then this a movie for you to check out very soon. 8/10.

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