Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There's a Heavy Metal Summer at the "State Park".

From the Director of "Screwballs", "Oddballs", "Screwball Hotel" and "Loose Screws" has done another sorta known comedy called "State Park" aka "Heavy Metal Summer". It's a wacky little movie that takes place at a state park but is it good? Well let's find out.

Well the movie is about a lot of things but it mainly centers around this big corporation that has taken over a lovely State Park, they plan to make some evil factory and dump toxic waste. It's up to a Bear Costume Wearing man to stop these men! Of course there is other shit going on like two metal heads stay at the state park and rock! sorta, some girls stay there and they prepare for some competition and fall in love with guys, old people being nice to the metal heads and guys just trying to get laid. You know? stuff like that. So it's a fun wacky film, it has a pretty cool cast and even Ted Nugent stars in this movie and plays a weird little song, there's also nice shots of breasts! Anyways, check it out if you want, you won't be disappointed at all. 8/10.

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