Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Son of Ingagi", the first horror flick with an all black cast.

Son of Ingagi is about this newlywed couple that inherit a home that use to belong to an old Mad Doctor Woman, the Doctor was killed by this Missing Link beast that she brought from Africa, of course it's her own fault, she was making some sort of potion that is suppose to be deadly, the beast drinks and it makes him go mad. The rest of the movie goes along with the beast waking up from it's cage, starts murdering people quietly in the house then at night he kills the Mad Doctor Woman's brother. It's not a long movie so don't expect a lot of filler and talk, it's a very entertaining horror flick from the 40's, the film has nothing to do with the notorious fake documentary from 1930 "Ingagi" but it was given the title "Son of Ingagi" for attention I guess. Anyways, the film is pretty fun and it's interesting to see the first ever horror flick with an all black cast, it's filmed very well. Check it out! 7/10. Watch It For Free on the Internet Archive! Click Here to Watch

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