Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Mom and Dad", The Ultimate Sex Education Film.

"Mom and Dad" is the highest grossing movie of the 40's, John Waters loves it and talks about it in his one man show "This Filthy World", it's also very graphic but in a non-perverse way. It's an educational film really but it's labeled as exploitation film due to it's controversial marketing.
 Beware! spoilers!

Well the movie is about this chick named "Joan", she's your average 1940's chick, her mom is very strict and has old fashioned beliefs, her dad is alright and her brother too, thing is, she doesn't know much about the facts of life so she's an absolute wreck later on when she finds out she's pregnant. Well let's start off from the beginning.

Joan meets this older dude at a dance, he starts talking to her and she gets quite fond of him. They go out, have a couple of drinks, they park at a wooded area where they have sexual intercourse. Joan feels dirty now, she's also very confused by the "bad" thing she's done, she asks her mom for "hygiene" books but the dumb broad says no and that she's way too young to know about those things. Days go by and Joan finds out that the older dude she was with has died, she also finds out that she's in "trouble" (trouble = pregnant). She tries to commit suicide but lives, her brother upset about the situation goes to a former teacher that use to teach sex education at the high school for help. The teacher talks to the parents and tells em how dumb they are (not literally but something like that) for not teaching their daughter Joan the facts of life and all that stuff, later on he's asked to teach the subject again at school, he says yes and gets help from a hospital. From there we see films about Menstrual Periods, how a fetus is made, we also see a child being born. Then we see a film about sexual transmitted diseases (STD as teens call it today) and it's quite graphic too but again it's very informative and not meant to be perverted or gross. Then after that we find out (not mentioned but intended) that Joan has given birth to a stillborn baby and that she's well after the incident. So yeah, that's pretty much it. It's an interesting movie and very educational, however the promotion for the movie made it out as an exploitation film so it wasn't really seen as an educational movie back then I guess but today it really does seem like an old school scare film but one with real and informative stuff too. Anyway, it's an interesting movie and if you're into films like "Marihuana" and"Reefer Madness" then this is one to check out. 7/10.

Warning: The screenshots below are quite graphic so prepare to see VD infected bodies and a baby being born.

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