Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Hot Chili", Raunchy Teen Sex Comedy That Takes Place In Mexico!

So what do you get when you mix a Mexican Resort, Bubba from Mama's Family, David from Last American Virgin, two other horny teenagers, raunchy and wacky situations with hot chicks? Hot Chili of course! This rare and cheesy teen sex comedy was lots of fun, why isn't this on DVD? better yet why is the VHS tape so damn hard to find? Anyways let's get down to business.

So the movie is about these 4 goofy and horny teenagers that get jobs at this Mexican Resort, they're aren't too excited til they get there and see lots of attractive ladies but they end up having to stay in a Horse stable which is completely lame. So they start working at the resort and already fall in lust with some of the female guests, they get into crazy mischief then it turns into Last American Virgin for like 20 minutes or so which is very odd and "meh", but this isn't just about the 4 guys, the family of one of the guys come to stay over at the resort and they also get into crazy mischief (sexual, oh did I forget to mention it was sexual? hmm). So through out the whole movie it's pure cheesy 80's sex comedy fun, there's also a bitchin' soundtrack too but there's no sign of an LP or cassette or anything :( So that's a bummer big time. So if you're in the mood for a rare 80's sex comedy then check this one out. 7/10.


Ty said...

Hot Chili is a classic! Great write-up. Wish i could find a copy.

macatoa said...

Yeah, the hot chili is the best. You are right.

Jahirul Islam said...

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