Wednesday, February 10, 2010

with a title like "Supervan" you know what you're going to see.

I dig those 70's customized vans, ones where they have names and these paintings on them and of course ones that have lasers and that are solar powered. 

Supervan is a strange movie with bad acting and random events but the question is... is the movie good? Well yeah but it's really not that super though. So it's basically about this guy that gets this Supervan called "The Super Nova" which has all this high tech crap and it's for this Van competition which the prize is like 5 thousand bucks, we see the main characters get into high speed chases, Halloween festival orgys, breaking out of jail by using the Supervan's laser and we get nice shots of old customized vans that are most likely in junkyards today. Well that's all I gotta say really, so what's the rating? 5/10.

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