Friday, February 12, 2010

"Trip with the Teacher", the title says it all.

This is a classic Crown International flick, I mean like really. It's labeled a horror film but I see it more as a revenge exploitation film like LHOTL sorta is, so here's the spill on this movie.

It's about a class of girls that are going on a cross country field trip with a teacher, they're your typical 70's girls and there's a lovable bus driver that seems a little special and when I say special I mean that kind of special haha. So they meet some bikers, one good and two bad, bus breaks down, the two bad bikers keep the girls, the teacher and the good biker hostage due to killing the bus driver. So you know it's gonna get interesting after this, all you see is violence and sexual content in this movie, there's not a lot of nudity though so don't expect a T&A film (of course there is shots of the teacher's ass and tits so idk!). There's rape, murder, motorcycles, desert setting and a cheap ol' gus station in this movie that you just can't say no to! I liked it but I felt it was too long though and I was expecting bloodshed as well since I assumed this was a horror movie. Anyway it's a pretty good movie and you can get it for a cheap price in the "Gorehouse Greats Collection", the copy of that movie though isn't remastered so if you want the remastered version then I suggest you pick up the Drive-In Cult Classics disc. 8/10.

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