Monday, February 22, 2010

"Nightmare In Wax", the sleazy, kinda gory, kinda slow, sorta weird horror wax museum movie.

Seeing as I finally got the Gorehouse Greats Collection (YAY!) I got to see this little forgotten Crown International horror flick, it's an alright movie but it gets slow and very odd (sometimes good odd but bad odd at times as well) so here's my review or thoughts or whatever the fuck you wan to call it.

Nightmare In Wax is about this crazy wax artist (or whatever) that kills his enemies and turns em into wax sculptures, sounds familiar? Well yeah most of these wax museum horror movies tend to be the same thing. I liked the story because it wasn't too bad and I digged the setting and feel of the movie so this was a fun 12 PM movie! Anyway, the blood... Well there's some blood and gore but nothing special and there's this sort of weird scifi music score that plays in the movie that's very weird and not suitable for this movie I think. The problems? well it was slow and had these little boring talk scenes, the characters were alright but I did not like the go-go dancer because she was not only a terrible actress but her character was very dumb which was intended I guess but ugh. So idk, if you see The Gorehouse Greats Collection I suggest you grab it and enjoy these little cheap horror movies like this one. 5/10.

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