Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Naked Trip", a film dedicated to Jess Franco and Jean-Luc Godard.

I had the pleasure of getting offered to review a short Independent Crime/Exploitation/Arthouse film called "Naked Trip" directed by Alex Bakshaev,  It's just about a movie director named George Eastman that owes money to a mob and is on the run, he's sorta of a ladies man and a very smart man! I really digged the cinematography because it felt like an old 60's film from Italy or Japan, the music score was interesting and the acting was alright. The problems? well there isn't any really accept the sound recording, it was kinda hard to listen to some of the dialogue, I sometimes had to rewind and put up the volume and yeah you get the picture haha, but the main issue I had with the movie was just that it was too short! the movie ends alright but I felt I needed to see more but that's just how the movie ended becoming, a short film. One scene I really liked was about the Nazi flag George owns, he gives a little speech about how it's really not about him believing in all that crap but instead it's just for shock value for his film :) So was it good? yeah. Was it bad? naah. Was it worth watching? yes but again, It should of been longer! haha. 7/10.

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