Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Malibu Beach" is a great Summer movie.

This is just about two guys that are on Summer vacation and have fun by falling in love, partying, drinking, getting stoned and the main guy getting into fights with Dugan! (he was also in The Van). The music was great but it's from The Pom Pom Girls so the soundtrack wasn't very original, this is the type of movie to watch on a hot Summer day with a chick or just yourself :)  I loved it and I think you will too. 7/10.

"The Van" is very Vantastic!

The Van is about a guy that just graduated High School and he spends all his savings on a customized Dodge Van (although the theme song is "Chevy Van" so wtf?). Then you know... He falls in love, gets drunk, laid, stoned, chased by cops, etc. I

If you haven't seen The Van, then go get it and watch it because you're gonna have a blast watching it!. 8/10.

"The Pom Pom Girls" is one the greatest Crown International flick ever.

This movie is awesome and why? Well.... It takes place in the 70's, I love the music in it, the acting was not bad at all, all the girls in the movie are gorgeous, and... It's just plain fun!

It's a simple story really, it's just about some high school kids in their Senior year of High School doing a bunch of crazy things, fall in love, getting into fights, and drag race.

The Pom Pom Girls isn't really about cheerleaders, it's just about high school kids in general. It's a very fun movie and you'll have a blast watching it! 7/10.