Sunday, December 26, 2010

The 10 Best Blogo Trasho Movies of 2010, Payasito becomes official Blogo Trasho mascot, Musical Guests, Free Beer, See Ya Next Year.

2010 was an epic year for Blogo Trasho. Reviewed lots of fucking movies and gotten lots of love for it. Thank you all (friends, bloggers, readers, awesome indie filmmakers, weirdos that fap to my nudie screengrabs, the people that looks up sexy midgets on google and find their way here) for making this year awesome for Blogo Trasho!

Below you will find the Top 10 Best Blogo Trasho movies of 2010, I chose these movies because they were reviewed this year and I enjoyed them for various reasons (mhm!).
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10. El Violador Infernal  (1988) - Rape, Murder and Drugs!
9. Ghosthouse (1988) - Play Around! Be Bad!

8. Criminally Insane (1975) - Fattie But Deadly.
7. Mom and Dad (1945) - She's In Trouble!

6. Siete En La Mira (1984) - Sheriff Mario Almada Vs. Punker Jorge Reynoso.
5. Nashville Girl (1976) - That's some good ol' country lovin'!
4. Tortured aka Deranged (2008) - The Most Disturbing Independent Trash I have ever seen.
1. Herencia Diabolica (1994) - The weird Mexican trash that haunted me at age 9 was finally seen again this year and today is officially the day that Payasito becomes the Blogo Trasho mascot. Payasito proved he could represent Blogo Trasho when he caressed giant breasts in a twisted nightmare, killed a man with a broken beer bottle, laughed at a dead pregnant woman, and hung a nanny with his supernatural powers.
              Cheers to Payasito! The little motherfucker deserves it!  

And now for our musical guests! All the way from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.... Here's Pedro Fernandez singing Careless Whisper in Spanish! Btw people, get your free Tecate beer cans at the lobby before they're all gone. Donate a penny if you'd like. This beer was not given to me for free ya know.

Pedro, you can fight a wannabe Freddy Krueger and sing sexy at the same time? Damn, You are so talented!! Btw, Please give me your leftover groupies after you're done with 'em. Thanks.

And now ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the awesome Glenn Mederios performing "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You"!!!
ugh, that was so romantic and cheesy. It made me think about a certain someone, a certain someone that's with a jive ass turkey.

And now, here's Adam Roth performing a cool song from the the 1982 T&T(A) movie, "Beach House"!!!!
That was so cool! And now, here's Los Caminantes singing a beautiful song that I hope people will fight to.

Getting a job Isn't easy, Valentin Trujillo proves it.

The best were saved for last... Here's Headmistress!!!!

I got Rainbow Eyes! But the beer is all gone and Valentin Trujillo is coming closer to my table........... I'm outta here!! Hope you had fun! I'll be back reviewing more trash in late January. If you need to contact me, then just email me or just hit me up on the Blogo Trasho facebook page which will still be active from time to time. See You Later!

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Blogo Trasho Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

And To All a Goodnight.

It's Christmas time with David Hess and Alex Rebar!

To All a Goodnight starts off like any other slasher flick in the 80's, someone is getting pranked on and then it goes real bad. We see a young pretty girl being chased around inside of a sorority house by stupid girls holding sharp weapons, next thing you know, the girl accidentally falls from the stairs and immediately dies, then the title of the movie is shown as the awesome theme song plays. When I heard the theme song, I knew this was going to be a great movie. Now it's the present time (the accident happened 2 years ago) and the sorority house is still there but with new girls living in it, all of them have unique features (mhm!) and attitudes, they do however have one thing in common.... They're being hunted down by a maniac wearing a Santa Claus outfit.

The killings in the movie are pretty gruesome but the problem is........ You can barely see anything. The movie was filmed with no lights in the night time scenes (in this case, the day for night scenes) so it was really hard to see what the fuck was going on in a lot of parts of the movie. However, I was very fond of the music score playing through out the whole movie, it is extremely 80's and badass! If only a soundtrack was released...

It's really hard to say if any of you will like this movie, it does have problems and a lot of these problems will bother some viewers, especially the trendy horror fans. I personally really liked it, it's crazy, dark (no pun intended), weird, and quite trashy. Check it out. 7/10.