Friday, December 25, 2009

Silent Night, Bloody Night..

When a horror fan thinks of Christmas this usually comes to mind: "Black Christmas", "Christmas Evil" and the most obvious one: "Silent Night, Deadly Night". It's rare to see a lot of love for Silent Night, Bloody Night, oh sure, there was a fan site for it and it did become sorta popular in the 80's but now it's all talk of the three movies I mentioned above, I guess you can say Bloody Night is underrated and has a small cult following.

Silent Night, Bloody Night is about an old mansion that's been through a lot back in the day, so much creepy shit went down there and you'd think that place would be knocked down in the present time (the 70's really) but, It still stands. This is a movie where you see a lot of early slasher moments, like the not seeing the killer's face, the first person camera walking and hiding, but it's mainly a mystery film, there's a lot of twists and turns and even a good little surprise when the movie is about to end and the setting is fantastic! It's all cold and snowing and at night it's dark and creepy, and the mansion is real creepy. I first saw this movie in 2007 and I liked it, I didn't get it at first but after watching it a couple of more times I pretty much understood it, so if you plan to see it I suggest you watch it another time or find more info on the internet because there's a lot of confusing things in this film.

This is a must see for Christmas, it's in the public domain so you'll find this move anywhere for a cheap price, the prints are not so good but I think it's meant to be seen like that, I really love watching movies with the little lines of the film (I guess scrapes you can say) and it's quite dark so it isn't all light and clear, it almost feels like your watching it at a Drive-In. 7/10.

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Alex Bakshaev said...

This looks like an interesting film, I certainly loved the trailer!
It just has that "analog" old school feel to it which is irresistible.
Will have to check this one out when the opportunity arises