Saturday, November 7, 2009

"My Tutor", the comedic/erotic story of a young man and his French tutor.

This is one Crown International movie I've always forgot to check out, I always heard it's pretty good so I decided to finally grab it and check it out for myself.

My Tutor is about a guy that fails his French exam, in order for him to get into Stanford University (his father picks his career and school to attend) he must pass the exam, so his father hires a female tutor to tutor the young failure all summer long so he can pass that stupid French exam.

 The movie begins with him and his friends going to whorehouse to lose their viriginty and wacky things happen, like the main guy of the movie passes out on a woman's huge rack (really huge) and his best friend (Crispin Glover) gets into some bondage crap and tries to run away from the hooker that wants to whip him or whatever. From there we see the guy meet his female tutor, he's right away attracted to her and he can't help but think about her in such erotic ways.

My Tutor is an odd T&A comedy but it's lots of fun to watch and the actress that plays the tutor is very hot. The movie is also also very 80's (obviously), so if you dig the 80's and Crown International movies, then this is a must see! 7/10.

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