Monday, August 31, 2009

There's no Women in "Chain Gang Women".

The title is very misleading but I was lucky enough to see the trailer long ago and noticed it wasn't even about women in a chain gang. It's about these two convicts that escape a labor farm after beating a guard with a pick axe (I don't remember who hit the guard) and they all run off but some don't survive. The two main characters are pure white trash, the tough guy is a sex crazed murderer and the average guy is a drug dealer that didn't want to escape but he had no choice since he's chained to the tough guy. I like the little hillbilly music that's the theme song and I'm always singing it now! and the setting is beautiful in a trashy way.

They finally get out of the chain thanks to a saw, the tough guy rapes the average guy's girlfriend, they try to run off to Atlanta but fail due to cops being all over the place and they go to a farm and mess with an old man and his wife (whom is 17). This really a fun little exploitation that really needs more attention, I want you all to find a copy of CHAIN GANG WOMEN! 7/10.


Gargantuan Media said...

God Bless you Blogo Trasho.

raculfright_13 said...

And God Bless America.