Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anita, can you tell me why?

Ahh the 70's, Customized Vans, cool rock music and girls with problems. SPOILERS!!!

Mag Wheels (also known as "Summer School" or "Anita, Can You Tell Me Why?" yes I made that title up) is about a young girl by the name of "Anita" that meets a dude at a beach, of course the dude is already taken by a bitchy girl that despises Anita so she bullies her to death. Anita works as a waitress at a cool skateboarding hangout joint but the boss is a pervert and when the first check is given to her, he expects a kiss from her and a little more after. Her dad is always yelling at her so no help there and then Anita's life gets worse.... She's blamed for calling the cops on the dude she likes so he tries to rape her but luckily her tough girlfriends arrive just in time for a little battle and saving poor Anita..

This was a pretty fucked up movie but at the same time very light hearted, the acting is terrible and the music.. well.. It's fucking cheesy but catchy. Check this movie out if you're in the mood for a girl with problems movie. 6/10.

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