Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Screwballs" = The Ultimate Teen Sex Comedy!!!

*updated post on 5-22-10*

Screwballs is way better than Porky's and why you ask? Well It has wayyy hotter girls, more boob shots, funny character names, Canadian accents and teddy bear rape!

The movie is about some horny guys that wanna score with the last virgin in school named "Purity Busch". Purity is one tough girl though, so these guys must work together and hard to bang this girl! They fail though so now they just wanna get her naked so along the way they get into crazy mischief and have funny sexual encounters with horny high school girls and nymphomaniac science teachers. It's a wild movie, it's not a serious movie either but it's tons of fun and I love this movie to death, I'm so glad Severin Films finally released this movie on DVD and this summer they will be releasing the follow up Loose Screws! So if you want to watch the perfect Teen Sex Comedy then get this movie now! 9/10.